Jul 20, 2012

Gene Therapy to block HIV

The other day, I posted about Truvada, which is a drug that blocks HIV from replicating inside an infected T cell.  This can help uninfected people reduce their risk to become HIV positive by preventing it from making copies of itself and spreading to other T cells at a very early stage, so that the immune system still has enough cells to combat an attack against HIV, get rid of its sick cells and keep the person HIV free.

Here's an alternative way to stop HIV at yet an earlier step: prevent it from getting inside the host T cell by getting rid of the receptors HIV exploits on those cells.  Check it out!




  1. Thanks for these past couple of posts, Dr. Haigo. Fascinating - and so much more when its understandable!

    I'm so happy you are continuing this blog. Think you might be holding a caption contest soon? (meaning posting some photos - stuff from your research and maybe one from your European adventures outside the lab - and asking readers to caption it) That would be fun :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this news, It's really a Grate to attempt to cure AIDS, researchers have used genetic engineering in six patients to develop HIV-resistant blood cells.
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